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I am Meena Kumari Kolli, an artist, an explorer, a photographer, and a writer by heart. I am an engineering graduate in Civil and Remote Sensing with GIS techniques. From my childhood, I have always been a quiet and shy girl, quite serious about my studies. Right from then, fine arts has always fascinated me which paved my way towards drawing, painting, and creativity. Then college happened! During the college days, I developed a keen interest in research. From doing student internship in IIRS to being a Junior Scientist (Ph.D.) in Germany today. I also worked my way towards becoming a unique person.

Everything that I have read and learned till now, defines me. The knowledge that I have, or the words that I choose to express myself in my articles. It is the education that I had received since my childhood that makes me who I am. I can’t even imagine my life without the ability to read and write.

I love to start my professional journey in an academic way only, where I can communicate with many students and share my knowledge what I have learned from the last 20 years. I would like to give the best guidance to my students and motivate them to choose their career path with my best efforts. is my online journal where I can talk about my life, experiences and interests and weekly I share the scholarships information to the students. I wish to make this journey a memorable one. Thank you for stopping by.

— Aneem Kolli